Body to Body

Body to Body

Body to Body.

Relaxation: If you suffer tired, book a massage session it'll assist you to get relaxed; surely! Massage is forever excellent for the body and helps to increase oxygen supply and other nutrients to the muscles. It also assists to relieve pain by healing damaged tissues.

Reduce Stress: tension and massage is rival of each other, if you take massage regularly it will help you to remove stress and boost confidence. If you think you need body massage now you can book a massage session with me.

Body-to-body massage, also known as a body2body massage, is a vastly physical form of therapy. It is a full-body massage where the therapist not only uses her hands, but her entire naked body to stimulate her customer.

During a full body-to-body massage, the therapist utilizes the female curves of her body to offer a variety of sensations. She will use her breasts, thighs, stomach, feet, calves, and forearms with varying speed and pressure to stimulate every area of the customer's body.

The masseuse will try to guarantee maximum skin-to-skin contact and may also use her hot breath on the customer's skin, which adds to the erotic nature of this treatment.

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